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ClimateMachines units are all built in the same way. Always with high quality, low maintenance and flexible deliveries combined with the best performance for the specific project.

The high quality of the units enables our pressure set over the heat exchanger with compressed supply air and sucking exhaust air. This ensures the highest tightness class and 0% contamination between exhaust and supply air (verified by the National Testing Institute). The tightness class together with low air speeds over the unique heat exchanger contributes to the high performance with 90% temperature efficiency.

Thanks to the Indirect Evaporative cooling technology together with high temperature efficiency, we get a great cooling effect. The need for cooling can then be greatly reduced and in some cases the need for district cooling or a cooling machine can be completely eliminated.

  • Few moving parts

  • All inspection hatches and doors with windows

  • Cameras for monitoring, for example, dampers and Indirect Evaporative cooling

  • Cross-flow plate heat exchanger in 2 steps

    • Provides 90% temperature efficiency

  • Pressure supply air, suction exhaust air

    • Verified 0% risk of transmission of exhaust air to supply air

    • The technology can advantageously be installed in environments such as hospitals, industries, labs, kitchens, restaurants, etc. without the risk of transmission of odors, infection, etc.

  • Wall panels with off-shore quality.

  • The location of the fans minimizes or completely reduces the need for sound attenuation on TL & FL.

  • Bypass damper on TL & FL, which contributes to reduced SFP numbers.

  • 90% temperature efficiency

    • Maximum environmental impact with a sharp reduction in the property's energy needs

    • Reduced heat output requirement

  • Indirect Evaporative Cooling

    • Guarantees a supply air temperature after VVX which in summer never exceeds 22 degrees.

    • Significantly reduced cooling power requirement which in some cases can replace a cooling machine or district cooling

    • Variable cost of about 4 öre per kWh

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