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Part AB

Arena Hotel, Uppsala

ClimateMachines ™ Module 4000, dimensioned flow 4 m³ / s

Uppsala's largest hotel chose ClimateMachines ™

The Arena hotel in Uppsala was completed with its 200 rooms in the autumn of 2017. The hotel is owned by Part Construction AB, which built its first concept hotel here with modular hotel rooms.

The interest in modular solutions brought us together

Part Construction AB has owned the company Isolamin since 2016, which is our supplier of the market's best sandwich panels for our ClimateMachines units. In connection with our launch of module and unit units, we saw together with Part AB a great potential with a collaboration of our module-adapted solutions. The construction of the Arena Hotel became our first collaborative project where we were entrusted with delivering a ClimateMachines ™ Module 4000.

ClimateMachines ™ managed the competition

Climate Machines was given the task of matching the projected unit with double plate heat exchangers in metal, both in terms of flow, efficiency and size. The result was an equally small unit with a higher temperature efficiency, even at very low flows. The total installation cost was also comparably lower. With ClimateMachines' high efficiency, it was possible to cut the power peaks on heating and cooling, which resulted in a smaller cooling machine and significantly smaller combi shunt. Thanks to the low sound generation in the unit, a reduction of secondary silencers could also be made.



Climate Machines had no difficulty matching and exceeding the already projected unit in terms of performance and size. We also stayed within budget. Anton Lundholm, CEO of Part Construction AB

The first month of operation has exceeded expectations. Despite -4 degrees outdoors, the unit has delivered 19 degrees on the supply air without having to switch on district heating. The high efficiency together with an sfp number of just under 1.20 ensures projected goals with a high financial saving.

When our paths crossed with Climate Machines, we soon saw a common interest in modular solutions and new technology.

Anton Lundholm, VD Part Construction AB

Indirect evaporative cooling technology increases performance

Thanks to the indirect evaporative cooling technology together with 90% temperature efficiency, we get a large cooling effect. This means that the need for extra cooling after the heat exchanger is significantly lower and equipment such as a cooling machine has thus been able to be dimensioned smaller.

ControlMachines ™ controls and monitors

Our in-house developed SCADA software ControlMachines ™, for control and regulation, is delivered together with the unit. ControlMachines ™ is a powerful tool and is also an important tool for analysis and development of existing systems.

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