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Region Jämtland / Härjedalen

Östersund Hospital, Infection Clinic

ClimateMachines ™ Module 2000, dimensioned flow 2m³ / s

Region Jämtland / Härjedalen chose a ventilation solution from ClimateMachines ™

Östersund Hospital has an area of about 60,000 sqm, 2,500 employees and about 420
care places. In 2015, a cooling system was installed to improve the indoor climate, however
many wards still lacked comfort cooling, including the Infection Clinic.

The previous ventilation solution had poor recycling and had served the premises
since the mid-1980s and needed to be replaced. There was no redundancy if a fan failure should occur, when servicing for eg filter replacement, a shutdown was required.

A standard solution would not have solved these problems, nor would it have affected energy consumption or the indoor climate in any way.

The summer of 2018 was a tough test for many, as the temperature for long periods amounted to + 30–35 degrees, so also in Östersund. Operations had to be canceled as safety could not be guaranteed.
It was so hot that both patient and work safety were in danger.
For the infection clinic in particular, the heat meant an extra hard test for both
patients and healthcare professionals, as the ward did not have a comfort cooler.

"I had been in contact with Climate Machines before and was curious about their technology and the cooling function in particular, so I contacted them again"


- Stefan Östlund, maintenance manager of properties in Jämtland Region.

The energy savings contribute to achieving the region's energy saving goals

The installation was commissioned in October 2019. Since its inception, the plant has had a temperature recovery of about 88 percent, which is significantly better than before and unique in these contexts .
We see that we can manage down to about minus 5 degrees with only the heat recovery. Despite the fact that the outdoor temperature has been down to minus 16 degrees, the plant has not entered any defrosting mode, but at that time the efficiency was as high as 91%.

In summer, we have large costs for producing cooling with our cooling machines with it
indirect evaporative cooling technology, we get it largely free.
Even if the plant is only 2.5 m3 / s, it will help to achieve ours
high savings targets that we have on us from our decision makers.
ClimateMachines created a ventilation solution that contributes to reduced energy consumption
and is safer for us. Which feels good, Stefan Östlund concludes.


The unit reduces operating costs and increases safety.
With the climate unit ClimateMachines ™, a customized solution was created based on one
standard unit Module 2000.


• The customer specified his wishes which then became the final design.
• The new facility has 100% redundancy.
• Double TL / FL fans that can each take the entire flow.
• Increased air capacity by 25%, service-friendly and with high temperature efficiency.
• In the summer, the plant will supply a long-awaited cooled supply air
the premises of the infection clinic.
• 0% risk of contamination between exhaust air and supply air.

ClimateMachinesTM efficiency gives technology a leading position


# The technology is based on a highly efficient FTX exchanger with 90% temperature efficiency.

# The indirect evaporative cold is produced for 2–4 öre / kWh.

# Humidification of the exhaust air lowers the temperature of the supply air after vvx to a maximum of 21 degrees regardless of outdoor temperature.

# Efficient heat recovery and cooling effect, reduces the power requirement, with lower fixed charges as a result.

# The facilities can be adapted based on the conditions of the space, and not the other way around as other technology often requires. This often leads to space savings which in turn can contribute to more space to rent out.

# With negative pressure on the exhaust air (suction fan) and overpressure on the supply air (pressure fan), the risk of contamination is completely eliminated. (Tested and approved by SP)

# The technology's pressure set makes it advantageous to mix flows from e.g. kitchens, bakeries, hospitals, labs, industries, etc. Which means that it is possible to merge 2 or more units into 1 pc.

# Low noise level towards shaft. The fans are located on the "outside" of the changer, which means that it acts as an effective muffler. This means that additional sound attenuation can be minimized or completely depreciated.

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