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Climate Machines is an innovative product company that supplies ventilation units. The products contribute to greatly reducing a property's environmental impact, through, among other things, a very high temperature efficiency. This results in a reduced power requirement for both heating and cooling, under dimensioning conditions.

We see our children and future generations as Climate Machine's most important customers. Our common goal is to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future where the focus on the environment must be clarified and complied with throughout our process. For us at Climate Machines, it is important that our suppliers, partners and customers share our vision.

Climate Machines delivers to customers all over Sweden and has now also taken the step out into Europe. Thanks to good references, high quality products and a professional attitude, our group of customers is constantly growing.

It should be easy to work with us , regardless of whether you are a property owner, consultant or contractor. We believe in a long-term collaboration where our commitment, our tools and our high competence give you confidence that we deliver the most optimal product for each specific project.


In constant renewal. We will never be finished with the product Climate Machines. We are an innovative product company that is improved daily thanks to customer feedback, technical advances from our suppliers, the enthusiasm of our employees and not least our children and future generations demands on all of us to take our responsibility for a sustainable future.

Together we will succeed in our mission, follow us!

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